Japanese doesn’t have desire

July 30, 2009


1 name: no name(Kansai):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:20:33.53 ID:o1UdXWSe?PLT

There are too many things we have, so we don’t
require any more.

Former president of Livedoor(IT company) Takafumi Horie(36) said,
“Though I have enough money to buy everything, but I don’t want them.”
What do you think? Do you want more or not? Here is a interesting

The report of NikkeiBP consulting(Research company) said that the
consumer has less desire to buy stuffs and services in April 2009.
In the reason, there are more people who said “I have already many
things to live” than people who said “less income”.

The sales of department stores – as a professional of sales – is
decreasing sharply.
It has been down 20% from the peak of sales in 1992. Many stores had to close.



Sogo Department Store at Osaka says 30% to 50% off in whole building.
Sogo was the one of biggest department store who sells “Dream”. But
now, it is the tails in the past.
One madam(67) who grabed her two grandsons told “The day of going
shopping at department stores was a great fun for the family, and they
thought that buying something at department stores and hanging the
bags on the way to back were ploudable back in the days.”
and she told “Department stores were the place everythings can be
available, though now it changed the place No Thanks”.



2 : no name(Tokyo):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:21:09.02 ID:heOUk4C1

because of campaign of ECOLOGY
4 : no name(Tokyo):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:21:51.16

oh is it? not
7 : no name(Ibaraki):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:21:55.35 ID:CDItmrD2

I still want many
10 : no name(Tokyo):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:22:27.45

it’s true I don’t
need anything
I prefer to eat

11 : no name(Tokyo):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:22:38.25 ID:chNJmd5X

I consider about it and awared no need any
also notice about the desire ware from just an advertisement

13 : no name(Saitama):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:22:41.88

by recession
18 : no name(Alabama StateMiyazaki):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:24:08.51

that’s true. I have
…except girl friend

19 : no name(West Japan):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:24:13.24

I have desire, but I
gave up because I don’t want to work.
but its not painful

20 : no name(dion army):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:24:23.85

nobody can stop of my
desire getting games and comics
24 : no name(East Japan):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:25:41.11 ID:QG4/tqvf

when I buy, I will be bored soon. so I
don’t buy
27 : no name(Tokyo):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:25:46.72

there are hobbies for
Like internetting

just pay for network

28 : no name(Aichi):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:25:52.25

Computer and Internet
30 : no name(West Japan):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:26:06.08 ID:veFV2HoB

no money
don’t deceit for yourself. you’ve got free software and music from
P2P, ha?

33 : no name(Alabama StateMiyazaki):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:26:12.84 ID:sCju/+No

Strictly I have desire, but I cant pay for
too expensive there are like Blue-ray recorder and Clear sound

35 : no name(Conneticatt State):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:26:19.27

electorical good are
updating every week
so let me buy next time!

36 : no name(Tokyo):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:26:20.49 ID:+GodKv3c

we’ve got used to saving money
39 : no name(Hokkaido):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:26:38.21 ID:Rmw9ODRb

the author of this article must be
the sentences are no more for yougers
40 : no name(Alabama StateMiyazaki):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:26:39.24

my salary has been
cut half during this recession.
but I still can live in
maybe after this depressin, I can stand myself keep doing like this

41 : no name(Miyazaki):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:26:40.90 ID:FY5kQ+nq

It’s annoying to waste so I don’t
42 : no name(Kansai):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:26:42.09 ID:7dHyx+49

I want many…New HDD, Games,
but this note says that buy what we want to sell

45 : no name(Saitama):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:26:58.81

If I were rich like
Bill Gates, I could have more desire
I think we don’t want with our current assets

54 : no name(Hyogo):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:27:45.77

Parents buy much
without thinking. the reason is they are ages of Bubble
97 : no name(Kyoto):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:30:59.70 ID:96gjzFpr

I thought that I have no desire for myself
but I found I buy from online once I want some

that’s because I don’t want some constatly

98 : no name(Osaka):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:31:03.90

I bought vacume because it has broken
but the way to buy is completely different.

Before buying I searched up about vacume online

101 : no name(Fukushima):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:31:15.63

The game, If I watched the promotion movie online,
It’s enough without playing

104 : no name(Kanto):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:31:53.25

we noticed about big mouse is stupid
106 : no name(Alabama State):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:32:09.07

It’s much better to spend the money for some action
107 : no name(Saitama):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:32:13.23 ID:F4v3H4h2

I spent much for GUNDAM model(^p^)
108 : no name(Hyogo):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:32:15.07

I have not wanted so much since I was child
112 : no name(Tokyo):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:32:42.73

spending money was good thing
123 : no name(Kyoto):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:33:25.52 ID:ASe+Ue52

not buy because of less money
but also not buy because of no need

it’s just like this

125 : no name(Tokyo):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:33:28.47 ID:cskM2s03

I think people are stand for dark future
146 : no name(Kanto):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:34:47.15

It’s not true “desire has gone”.
It’s just a notice that it is stupid to spend money

by shit of advertisement

153 : no name(Tokyo):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:35:08.34

When I buy, someone earn. I don’t want someone to earn
311 : no name(Conneticatt State):2009/07/29(Wed) 00:45:44.82

purchasing without wasting
because of internet

If you want touch it, you can check at store and touch it

and can buy it online



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