Korea has been changed as China

July 5, 2009

Korea has been changed as China

Photo: RocketNews24 Staff / Bangkok Thailand

Korea has been changed as China – Korea “China did it”

1 Name: Tobera(Tokyo):2009/07/03Fri 14:57:46.18 ID:w6kk0f1i ?PLT

“Korea Cyber International Bank” reported, many Asian Online Map appears that Korea as China. Regarding to this report, the President of Korea Cyber International Bank said “It is obviously that Chinese government’s strategy of overtaking the world.”

53 of Constitutional Web site don’t think that it is not the area of Korea, it’s included in China.

And then, the President of Korea Cyber International Bank also said “If the map which is discrived the Eastern Sea(Japanese Sea) as Japanese sea spreads all over the world, people think about Dokuto Island as Takeshima Island(Which is a island makes conflict between Japan and Korea). And also If the map which is discrived Korea as China, people all over the world thinks that Korean history is same as Chinese history.”

Nobody knows why it happens. Though it should be the strategy of Chinese government, for China, they must not want to be thought area of Korea as China.


12 : Flower(Gunma Pref):2009/07/03Fri 14:59:33.80 ID:MGT9BeON
No way to help them…

14 : Flower(Toukai area):2009/07/03Fri 14:59:34.58 ID:vQhLmtyU
It is a fact

13 : Flower(Saitama Pref):2009/07/03Fri 14:59:33.88 ID:pXud/DJG
They noticed the main problem finally…

16 : Flower(Tokyo):2009/07/03Fri 14:59:41.70 ID:yZPFOYSf
Takeshima(Dokuto) is a little problem no longer

15 : Flower(Saga Pref):2009/07/03Fri 14:59:36.51 ID:hcRwsoTb
There is no benefit for China

20 : Flower(Osaka):2009/07/03Fri 15:00:16.40 ID:9ee1s1Y9
Yes, they are annoyed

29 : Flower(dion army):2009/07/03Fri 15:01:28.49 ID:WmtCdK36
>Recognizing the history of Korea as a history of China

It’s a true story…
You don’t know you had belonged in China do you?

32 : Flower(North east Niigata Pref):2009/07/03Fri 15:01:49.90 ID:nCkYeppw
It’s not same that Korea and Korai

37 : Flower(Tokyo):2009/07/03Fri 15:02:08.34 ID:PFwY+StE
It seems alright
Everyone doesn’t know Korea

39 : Flower(Akita Pref):2009/07/03Fri 15:02:22.74 ID:43gCUnVu
Kore a is nothing for the world

53 : Flower(Kanto and Koshinetsu area):2009/07/03Fri 15:03:36.81 ID:gj137hy3
>for China, they must not want to be thought area of Korea as China.

Cynical wwww

54 : Flower(North east Niigata Pref):2009/07/03Fri 15:03:42.04 ID:jImxMFFz
They are noisy

73 : Flower(Shizuoka Pref):2009/07/03Fri 15:05:46.64 ID:Hkiv7GoW
Japan made Korea independent

76 : Flower(Alabama State):2009/07/03Fri 15:05:47.57 ID:B8lJqYp8
I know there is not a country named Korea

84 : Flower(Aichi Pref):2009/07/03Fri 15:06:34.25 ID:QJP9OKvr
It’s so pity that Chinese

85 : Flower(Miyagi Pref):2009/07/03Fri 15:06:38.61 ID:0AqSECUh
I hate China and Korea. But if they have war, I chree China

98 : Flower(Kansai area):2009/07/03Fri 15:07:58.64 ID:pluhq2eq
They have to know that Korea is nothing for the world.
It’s not a strategy

104 : Flower(Kansai area):2009/07/03Fri 15:08:36.55 ID:cnzF6ZhW
In Europe, people think about Korea is far east of China

105 : Flower(Alabama State):2009/07/03Fri 15:08:37.07 ID:gvoBfFNs
Oh, Is there any country…

109 : Flower(catv?):2009/07/03Fri 15:09:12.55 ID:Abtt9yK9
Do you know Latvia? Japanese doesn’t know about Latvia small country.

It’s same as Korea for worldwide.

114 : Flower(North east Niigata Pref):2009/07/03Fri 15:09:36.79 ID:9dzG8CVw
I don’t want Korean to live in Japan.
Please go home.

123 : Flower(Osaka):2009/07/03Fri 15:10:15.39 ID:LrRZ6Z0T
How about to be one with North Korea?

139 : Flower(Tokyo):2009/07/03Fri 15:12:26.72 ID:caW4l58e
It’s very same as Cibet or Taiwang

148 : Flower(Shiga Pref):2009/07/03Fri 15:14:06.45 ID:Uf4oF4x5
They will extinct. so no problem

151 : Flower(Nara Pref):2009/07/03Fri 15:14:25.54 ID:3nUfF0lW
Is there any Prob?

170 : Flower(Alabama State):2009/07/03Fri 15:16:59.25 ID:8C6zmdFW
( `八´)” Chinese: I don’t need it…

184 : Flower(Kanagawa Pref):2009/07/03Fri 15:18:57.79 ID:FV3nHtFs
What are you talking about….the pet of china….

201 : Flower(Kanto Koshinetsu area):2009/07/03Fri 15:21:37.97 ID:6HXRyIWx
Is it a business chance?
We can sell the eraser in Korea! many Koreans need it.

469 : Flower(Kansai area):2009/07/03Fri 18:24:06.84 ID:dmujDJGF
Not bad but it is still difficult to penetrate below

[Korea] In the University, there is a action to change the name of Takeshima island to Dokuto island with eraser[07/02]

207 : Flower(Alabama State):2009/07/03Fri 15:22:28.68 ID:x+QQAjP1
small, not economical, nothing

210 : Flower(Alabama State):2009/07/03Fri 15:22:50.10 ID:M5Me8ks6
Interesting idea, that it is a Chinese strategy…
It happens merely misunderstanding…too small

217 : Flower(Gifu Pref):2009/07/03Fri 15:24:05.30 ID:bzYDgvJc
They must be proud of this

228 : Flower(Alabama State):2009/07/03Fri 15:25:46.35 ID:x+QQAjP1
I always wonder that Korean thinks about

+ has 4000 years history, No1 popuration China
+ is top class economical country Japan

they are equal of us?

236 : Flower(Hokkaido):2009/07/03Fri 15:27:19.34 ID:HuvuA1fG
Of course they do
They think that they are better

239 : Flower(Niigata Pref):2009/07/03Fri 15:27:48.22 ID:AGmAPyjJ
No, they think they are better

230 : Flower(Osaka):2009/07/03Fri 15:26:05.70 ID:kGYYqSed
Korea is just a imaginaly country…isn’t it?

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